Morning Musume (モーニング娘。): Egao Yes Nude

Egao Yes Nude (笑顔Yesヌード) / 32nd Single / Release Date: [2007.02.14]


~ by Ali Nicole on 2009/04/11.

4 Responses to “Morning Musume (モーニング娘。): Egao Yes Nude”

  1. Koharu Kusumi shone so brightly, she practically put the rest of the band into the shade. It became the “Koharu-san & friends” show!
    But I adored her!
    Aika Mitsui is currently the most compellingly “kawaii” and eye-catching member of the current Morning Musume line up.

  2. my fav members are…Yoshizawa Hitomi, Koharu Kusumi and Takahashi Ai…
    Love them there great singers!

  3. My favorite members are probably Ai Takahashi and Koharu Kusumi…but since I don’t listen to them that often, it’s a little hard (to decide). What about yours?


  4. Who are your favorite members of Morning Musume?


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