Arashi (嵐): ALL the BEST! 1999-2009

Here’s both the regular edition and the limited edition. Sorry for the delay!

ALL the BEST! 1999-2009 / 3rd Compilation Album / Release Date: [2009.08.19]

Credit: crystalove87@livejournal


~ by Ali Nicole on 2009/09/13.

3 Responses to “Arashi (嵐): ALL the BEST! 1999-2009”

  1. Thank you sooo much for these scans~~~
    @NyNy: Arashi don’t sing so much dance/R&B music, although if you’re looking for something upbeat, Crazy Moon~Kimi wa Muteki and Believe are two of their more recent songs and are both amazing.

  2. Well, I don’t listen to them all that much, but I really like their pop songs “Wish” and “Love So Sweet.”

  3. Can you recommend me some Pop, Dance or R&B style songs from them?

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