Update (12/30/09): Please refer to this entry for how I am now taking requests. Do NOT make any more requests on this page; I will ignore them.

I am no longer taking requests. I’ve really been stretched for time lately and have been updating this site less and less frequently. I’m not sure if this is permanent yet, but most likely it will be. My greatest apologies.

~Ali Nicole



Please limit your requests to two albums/singles/photobooks at a time. I’ve been getting several requests for entire artist discographies, which I cannot readily accomodate. When requesting, please state the exact single or album you want along with its artist and, I repeat,  limit your requests to two of these at a time–that is, until I post the requested items or several days have passed. Otherwise, I’ll just randomly select the two that I want to post if at all. I will also accept requests for all the covers of singles/albums by an artist, but not complete scans. Although I’ve been running into difficulties finding scans for more obscure artists, I’ll try my best to find and post requests as quickly as humanly possible.

95 Responses to “Requests”

  1. Can you do Madonna by Secret?

  2. Please,Hearts Grow Scans

  3. if by Kana Nishino?? 🙂

  4. Can you please find the scans of the album Made in Twenty by BoA? Thank you so much!


  6. I’m request, Asian Kung-Fu Generation Calendar 🙂 thanks :D…

  7. It would be nice if you could get the scans for D.

  8. can I request utada hikaru _ beautiful worrld/kiss&cry singles booklet?
    thanks a lot!!

  9. can you upload some albums of IKIMONO GAKARI.. pleaseee!!!

  10. I’m sorry, but I’m still not taking traditional requests at the moment. I have, however, posted a list of scans I already have on my laptop’s hard drive from which you can request something. Please follow the link at the top of the page.

  11. can i request 1album and 1single scan?
    *HIDEAKI TAKIZAWA – Hikari Hitotsu.


  12. This page is perfect,thank you 😉

  13. Any SCANDAL scans would be much appreciated <33 Shojo S, DOLL, SAKURA Good-bye, whatever~~

    Thank youuu~~

  14. Hi! Could you please upload scans for Hideaki Takizawa’s single Hikari Hitotsu? Thank you so much!

    [forgot to post this with my other request ^.^;]

  15. Hi! Could you please upload scans for Hideaki Takizawa’s single / Mugen no Hane? Thank you so much! 😀

  16. Please can you find sunday morning and sekai wa sore demo kawari wa shinai from aya kamiki.I will be glad about that.^_^

  17. May I request Kuroki Meisa’s Hellcat? Thanks!

  18. can you do I WILL by Namie Amuro?

  19. Hey 😉

    Here’s my request:
    ARASHI – 5×10 ALL the BEST ! 1999-2009 Singles Collection
    Thanx 🙂

  20. hi…. can you please update / Set List -Greatest Songs 2006-2007 by AKB48 (album) /
    THANK YOU VERY MUCH… you’re site is awesome

  21. HI,Nicole
    I come again.can I request the Scans of Seira Kagami 1st Album – Celebration and Perfume – ワンルーム・ディスコ(One Room Disco)?

  22. Pleeeaaaase can you look once again for the single sekai wa sore demo kawari wa shinai from aya kamiki

  23. hi thanks for the Scans of Tohoshinki,… now i request Morning Musume – Platinum 9 DISC ( 9th album) and if it’s possible.. their latest single (Nanchatte Renai) thanks a lot

  24. HI, i request TOHOSHINKI – THE SECRET CODE ( album ) with the disc photo if it’s possible ^^

  25. Softly by Leah Dizon please, and thank you

  26. KISS KISS KISS – BENI please? 🙂

  27. Hi can you please post koda kumi black cherry tour pamphlet and koda kumi kingdom tour pamhlet

  28. hi,
    can I request Miliyah Kato’s scans? 19 Memories,rose,My Girl feat. COLOR.anyone will be OK.thanks very much!

  29. Hi! I appreciate all the covers and scans you have uploaded. I do have a few requests though. I’m currently looking for the cover and/or scans of Do As Infinity – TRUE SONG (album) and Morning Musume – Roman ~MY DEAR BOY~ (single). Any help with these are greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

  30. Can I request nana kitade – berry berry single Scan?

  31. Hi.Can you please post koda kumi secret album.koda kumi best:second seassion compilation album,koda kumi love e honey single,koda kumi butterfly single and koda kumi stay whith me single.THANKS

  32. sorry i’m wrong.. the korean album is

    So Nyeo Shi Dae – Girls’ Generation Vol. 1

  33. can i request an korean album???

    anyway .. KARA – Pretty Girl 2nd mini album… please!

  34. Can you find Sunday morning from Aya kamiki

  35. Ali Nicole,
    it doesn’t matter,
    thank you all the same.
    I love your site.(Maybe you have any MEG’s scans?)

  36. capsule,

    I don’t upload the actual albums, but there are several sites listed on the right sidebar that do that may have Jamosa’s albums. As for the scans, I haven’t had any luck finding them yet.

  37. oh! and maybe DREAM by Yuna Ito?

  38. Can you upload Baby Don’t Cry? 😀

  39. I would see the JAMOSA albums:
    CRY and RED


    I want the scans,too.
    Could you scan them?

  40. thank you very much!!! i have another request
    alan – Xin De Dong Fang (debut mandarin album)
    can you??

  41. thanks for aya kamiki scans

  42. thank you very much for “my boy” by buono!… can you upload the single ROTTARA ROTTARA too?

  43. omg.. thank you very much!! i have another request ^^ you’re awesome.

    Buono! – My Boy single

  44. Hey, can you scan the booklet of the single= sekai wa sore demo kawari wa shinai from Aya Kamiki

  45. hi!!! it’s me, i have 2 request.
    Buono! – Cafe buono (album)
    Buono! – Buono 2 (album)

  46. So far, I haven’t been able to find Kamiki’s latest single, but I’ll keep looking.

    ~Ali Nicole

  47. My request is (SINGLE) Aya Kamiki-Sekai wa sore demo kawari wa shinai

  48. Hi!! you’re site rocks! I have one request :
    Ai Otsuka – SMILY/Biidama (single)

  49. I would see the JAMOSA albums:
    CRY and RED

  50. Pleeeeaaassee can someone scan the booklet of the single of Aya kamiki Sekai wa sore demo kawari wa shinai

  51. I would love to see any of Akane Sugazaki’s three singles, and anything of Aiko Kitahara’s. Thanks–I really appreciate what you’re doing here!

  52. Can you find Kalafina’s “Seventh Heaven?”

  53. I was curious if you’ve heard of fledging electro-pop artist Saori@destiny…I’d be really appreciative if you could upload scans of her latest mini-album WOW WAR TECHNO.

  54. Can you get White Light / Violet Sauce by Namie Amuro?

  55. can you uploads kana nishino – LOVE one.and mai kuraki – beautiful.?

  56. yo, i really want you to uploads for me old time girl group. even the group already disband, but i really want it so badly. please accept my requested.

    SweetS- Lolita ~ Strawberry in Summer~
    Love Like Candyfloss

    i really appreciate it. thanks.

  57. can someone try to find scans for 60s70s80s by Namie?

  58. can you try to find Namie Amuro’s scans for CAN’T, SLEEP CAN’T EAT, I’M SICK / Ningyo in both versions? I’ve been looking everywhere!

  59. FYI, I’m still searching for Kana Nishino’s glowly days and Mai Kuraki’s Beautiful.

  60. I request Mai kuraki – Beautiful

  61. I need Kana Nishino – glowly days and Kimi ni Aitaku naru kara

  62. Ethan,

    Sorry it’s taken a while for me to respond, but I can’t seem to find ravex’s “trax.” Sorry to sound like a broken record.

  63. hello! can i request from you cd scans for aragaki yui? be it singles or albums. thanks a million… =)

  64. hey there, i really like ur website. so here i have 2 requests that i hope that u can uploads 4 me;

    Keep The Faith


  65. I’d like to request the covers for Hey! Say! JUMP’s Mayonaka no Shadow Boy single, KAT-TUN’s Break the Records -by you & for you- album and even though I know it’s only 2 requests at a time, wanna throw in NEWS’ Happy Birthday single cover in there? >_<

    Plz and thx. :3

  66. I was wondering if you could upload ravex’s “trax”? The scans of course. XD

    Please and thank you. And keep doing what you’re doing. You help me out a lot with scans dilemmas.

  67. hey there, 1st of all i really am thanks to u 4 accepted & uploads my requested…

    here i again have another requests that i hope u can upload it

    tamaki nami

    girl on top

    aiuchi rina

    mihimari GT
    gazen yeah
    i should be so lucky
    kibou joujou

    high and mighty color
    dive into yourself
    ichirin no hana
    Tadori Tsuku Basho

    hayami kishimoto
    yume real
    go my heaven
    mienai story
    see u darling
    01 MeiQ!- – Meikyuu – Make You

    High-King – CC

    Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou
    Sakura no Hanabira-tachi 2008

    Morning Musume
    Naichau Kamo

    Koda Kumi
    LAST ANGEL feat.Tohoshinki

    mika nakashima
    yuki no hana

    i hope we can meet soon….

  68. ^ali, sorry for double posting. please disregard my request of aoyama thelma’s DIARY scans. I found them already! 😀

  69. ^it’s OK. how about aoyama thelma’s DIARY? can you help me find them? thanks! 😀

  70. Sorry, I haven’t been able to find Crystal Kay’s All Yours 😦 I wish I could be of more help…

  71. hey i really hope that you can uploads all uverworld covers, nana starring mika nakashima glamorous sky…

  72. hi ali! listen, could you help me find scans for Crystal Kay’s All Yours album? I really need it. If you can, thanks so muuch!! 😀

  73. request Aiko Kayo – Pop , Dolce Scans

  74. Thanks for kana nishino 2 scans
    I need moumoon all scans.Thanks.

  75. Thanks for kanon wakeshima scan album.
    I need kana nishino all single scan.Thanks

  76. I need kanon wakeshima scan album.

  77. i really hope that you can uploads hayami kishimoto, high and mighty color, uverworld, streopony, ueto aya.

  78. For all of those who have requested scans this past week, I’ve been rather busy with work, so sorry for not getting to you all earlier. I’m still searching for all of the scans, so please bear with me 🙂

  79. Love your site!!

    I would like have scans of:

    Yui Horie – Uso Tsuki Alice to Kujira go wo Meguru Boken [Album/2005/11/23]


    Kirari Tsukishima starring Koharu Kusumi (Morning Musume) [Single] [2006/07/12] if possible both types!

  80. Hey :]
    I love your site~
    thanks so much for the effort you put into it.
    I was wondering if you could find the scans for A-Bee’s Polyphonic City album.

  81. Sorry. x: Disregard that comment. I found them shortly after I finished downloading the album. xD

  82. I was wondering if you could find scans for FLOW’s “#5” album?

  83. Oh! I would really appreciate it if you could find ‘Do the A Side’ and ‘Do the B Side’ by the band Do as Infinity.
    Thank you!!

  84. Edward,

    Thanks for your enthusiasm! I only post J-pop scans on the blog, so I’m not going to put the Rainism Recollection pics up. But you can find them here:
    And here:

  85. Good job on the hard work with requests! (:

    Could I request scans from Rain’s Rainism Recollection album?

  86. I actually already came across some preview pics of the booklet for Voice of Earth that you can find here: Todo sobre alan. I’m also very excited about alan’s new album and will hopefully be able to download it soon!

  87. Oh, that’s no problem!! 😀
    The thing I’m really looking out for is alan’s ‘voice of Earth’–hopefully you’ll be able to find the pics for that, especially for the “first press”/limited edition!

    Thank you so much ^__^

  88. Naja,

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to find any scans of Salyu’s latest single excluding the cover and a promo shot. She must be a rather obscure artist, because there aren’t that many sites about her. I’ll try to keep looking to see if anything pops up. Sorry to disappoint!

    ~Ali Nicole

  89. Hmmm, I was wondering if you could find the covers for Salyu’s “Corteo ~Gyouretsu~ / HALFWAY”? It’s a fairly recent single, but I can’t find it anywhere.

    Thank you!

  90. Ohhh and can you please find scans for DBSK’s Bolero single, and also their Mirotic photobook?

  91. I didn’t know about this site until today!! I am sooo excited!

    I would like to request Berryz or C-ute (H!P) CD Covers.

  92. Can you ppppleasse find Supreme Show scans from Ami Suzuki? DDDD:

  93. ^THANK YOU..
    it’s alright.
    i’ll be requesting some more later but, don’t worry..
    you don’t have to post the koi wa groovyx2 scans..
    i found some of them.. 🙂
    thanks for the help.. :]

  94. Josh:
    I searched for Koi wa Groovyx2 for a while today, but all I could find was the cover and some promo pictures (I’ll post them if you want). There is a Yuna Ito fansite with scans of a lot of her albums and singles, so maybe they’ll put it up there eventually:
    As for Ken Hirai’s FAKIN’ POP, I found some low-quality scans that I’ll post. Sorry I couldn’t be more helpful!

  95. wow..
    it’s nice to see that you accept requests now.^^
    anyway, here’s something i’d like to see..
    the cd scans for Yuna Ito’s koi wa groovyx2 single..
    and ken hirai’s FAKIN’ POP..
    i hope they’re not too much 🙂
    well, thanks in advance if you find these though.. ^^

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